The Demand Online program has revolutionized my practice. It has allowed me to maximize recovery for my clients in the most efficient manner possible. My clients are always surprised at the results I obtain for them.

Joe Kramer

Managing Attorney


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This is simple. 1. Get the software. 2. Go to the seminar. 3. Listen, learn, and implement it! IT WORKS. My first demand I sent with the software was 250k policy limits within a week. Then I attended the seminar and learned more. Since then I’ve knocked out multiple policy limits demands on the very first phone call from the adjuster; had an adjuster ask if they could refer ME cases; had multiple adjusters THANK me for the clear presentation; and had the best year of my career in only 10 months. This year I will be expanding from solo to potentially two office locations with more in the future. Learn it right, learn it ethically, and represent your clients better than ever before. That’s what you’re going to get here. 


Consumer Attorneys of California

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. There is no other product anywhere as comprehensive as “Demand Online”. There is no other product as powerful or effective as “Demand Online”. Every demand created without the use of “Demand Online” leaves settlement dollars that should have gone to your client in the pockets of the Insurance Industry. Don’t be the last law firm to realize the exciting benefits of “Demand Online” or any of the other new products offered by Sequoia Visions.


August 8th, 2018 -Testimonial

HI Jim:

“As you may recall, I took your course in Reno a few weeks ago. I submitted my first demand using your program last week on a case that the adjuster had said all along was not a policy limits case. I am happy to report that after the adjuster had the file for a total of one week, he offered the policy limits of $100,000! My client has UM benefits of $250,000 which I can now pursue. For Christ’s sake Jim, why didn’t you tell me about you sooner?”

David E. Buckley, Esq.
Buckley Law Offices, PC
Nashua, NH 03060

Oppenheimer, Attorney

“WOW! What an eye opener! Mr. Mathis has a compelling story to tell, complete with the policies and procedures that we as personal injury attorneys better become familiar with, or we will be OUT OF BUSINESS!”


Weston, Attorney

“A real eye opener! It’s about time someone stood up to the insurance companies and started protecting the doctors and patients!”


Dr. Choi

Jim, you are so nice to work with! Thanks for all the help you give us! What we pay is so little compared to how much you provide!! I’m sure with our success, comes your success but never the less, we really appreciate you!

I never really had the chance to thank you for all the benefit of taking your seminar. It really changed my life and practice . I went from hating my profession to loving every minute of it. I can’t believe that I am actually training not only chiropractors, but attorneys on how to deal with the insurance companies.


Frank Bailey
Attorney at Law

“I have a testimonial on my use of Demand Expert®. First case – The final offer from Allstate before using Demand Expert was $35,000.00 – I sent your demand letter after receiving this and Allstate offered another $30,000.00. The case settled for $65,000.00! So your product paid for itself 20 times on one case

“Consumer Attorneys Of California”


Since I’ve been using Demand Online , my biggest problem is that most insurance policy limits are not high enough!

Deryl Edwards Jr


I have to admit, I was a very skeptical of your program last year when Jim spoke at a seminar in Colorado Springs.” But because my demands in the past had not yielded the results I thought they warranted, and because Jim is so God-damned convincing (and has a ton of credibility), I bought into the Online Demand program. Using your program I have popped no less than 7 policy limits on cases, which before utilizing the program I would have otherwise settled for much less value. It’s amazing what the right tools will do for someone. And to think that just before the Colorado program I was going to dump the Doe case because of his pre-existing condition. HA!

Jeff Hernandez


“Medical Report Expert takes the physician or office worker through the important details of the case and prepares a report that Colossus will understand, leaving no important stone unturned. I have tinkered with Medical Report Expert and it appears to do the job quite well.”

Arthur C. Croft , DC, MS, MPH, FACO


I just wanted to thank you for what I believe was the absolute best seminar I’ve ever attended. Your presentation, the validity of your material, and the genuine care and concern of you, Justin, and Carrie is second to none. I’ve already started implementing your material in my reports. It’s funny but I used to think that I was doing a pretty good job until I went to Reno. I will definitely keep in touch with you guys and let you know my progress. If the PI world was a war I just went from using a pistol to using a nuclear warhead. Thanks again.

Jim Salem DC


First of all, thank you for an incredible seminar. I learned more in a two-day period about my job as a PI attorney than all of the other
seminars combined.

Your presentation also spoke to me on a personal level. We need to fight to change the things we are passionate about, especially when it
comes to fighting for what is right and true. As one friend told me years ago, if we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem.

Craig Perry


“I Write to thank you for your excellent presentation at the Blockbuster Auto Seminar 2003. You deserve a huge banner posted in your office saying: “Well Done!” Without your superb contribution, the Blockbuster would not have been the huge success it was. Thank you very much for your excellent presentation. CTLA has benefited tremendously by your contribution.”

Larry D. Lee, P. C.
Attorney at Law


“A real eye opener! It’s about time someone stood up to the insurance companies and started protecting the doctors and patients!”

J. Westmoreland, Grandview , MO


“WOW! What an eye opener! Mr. Mathis has a compelling story to tell, complete with the policies and procedures that we as personal injury attorneys better become familiar with, or we will be OUT OF BUSINESS!”


McMullen , DC , Liberty , MO

“I attended the Understanding Colossus seminar on April 29th, 2005 featuring James Mathis. In my opinion, the seminar was the best that I have ever attended in eleven years as an attorney. I strongly recommend this seminar.”


Scott Green, Attorney at Law St. Louis, MO

“I wish I would have asked my colleagues to attend!”


Leonard , DC Raymore , MO

“Super seminar! Now the patient and the doctor do not have to be victims of the insurance companies.”


Peabody , DC Leawood , KS

“The Colossus seminar was definitely worth every penny. There was so much about how insurance companies value claims that I never considered. It’s made a huge difference in how I write settlement demands now. I now know what specific information Colossus adjusters are looking for, resulting in better settlement negotiations. Kudos to James Mathis for this material!”


N. Amlung, Attorney

“Enjoyed this seminar! It really opened my eyes…Thank you!”


O’Leary, DC Kansas City , MO

“This Seminar presented information that will dramatically affect the way I practice Personal Injury law. Mr. Mathis shed light on the mysteries of claims handling, and changed the way I communicate with adjustors. All future Demand letters and negotiations will improve with the information that I learned from Mr. Mathis. Thank you and keep up the good Fight.”


James Harmon
Attorney at Law

“I believe this information is critical to the future of chiropractic. Mr. Mathis gives excellent information…a real help!”


Emery , DC , Kansas City , MO

“Best ever attended seminar in 42 years!”


” Mr. Mathis is full of energy and kept my attention all day. The information is priceless!”


“I attended the Colossus seminar last year in Louisville. I found the information to be insightful and useful in my practice. Certainly it was one of those seminars I left feeling like it was a good call to attend .”

B. Oppenheimer , Attorney

“Hi Jim,

I know I usually email you with questions/problems I need help with but I wanted let you know how well the cases have been going and to thank you for your invaluable training.

As you had predicted, those $25k policy limits cases are getting easier and easier with adjusters not putting up such a battle. We actually had one case with USAA where they came back with a policy limits even though there had been a lower counter offer on table. (I’ll take it!)

Although it has been a battle the apportionment tactic has been slowly but surely getting the adjusters on board. In negotiating those cases, “apportionment negotiation” has helped with my negotiating skills in general since they have been some of the more difficult discussions I have had to have with adjusters. The rest seem to go relatively smoothly in comparison.

One of my favorite developments in the last couple of months has been my dealings with State Farm, who has up until a then has been my biggest nemesis. Thanks to you they have not only begun falling in line, but have been coming back with higher offers than most of the other insurance companies…“

Natalie Roos,

Operations Manager