Demand Online

Demand Online – 900.00 license one time payment with one year contract for $200.00 monthly.

License allows for three users

One year contract with monthly charge of $200.00 per month per license required with purchase

Toll Free: (888)737-8642
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Sale $900 Plus 1 year contract at ($200.00 Per Month)


Additional Attorney or Paralegal Workstation – Licensing $250.00 per license

One year contract required with licensing for an additional monthly fee of $150.00/mo charged to a credit card.

Sale $125

Purchase Online

Each additional attorney who uses Demand Online must purchase their own username and password.
This is not required for paralegals or office staff of two or less.

Demand Online® The first computerized claims processing system for attorneys. The insurance industry has been using it for decades, now you can too. Create Demand letters, Negotiation letters and most importantly find out the Settlement Value Range before talking to the insurance carrier.
  •   Automatically Creates Your Clients’ Demands Compatible With Insurance Industry Software
  •   Web-Based System (Access System Anywhere)
  •   Automatically Determines Settlement Value Range
  •   Automatically Creates Claim Label & Summary For Printout
  •   Automatically Creates Negotiation Letters
  •   Automatically Creates Timeline Of Significant Claim Drivers
  •   Automatically Creates Listing Of Possible Overlooked or Missing Drivers
  •   Automatically Remembers Names, Addresses, Dates From Demand To Demand
  •   Automatically Networked With Our Medical Customers
  •   Compatible With Our Medical Software
  •   Capable Importing The Medical Data Of Your Client From Our Medical Customers Software
  •   Client Listing With Search & Sort Functions by Client, Insurance, Statute Date, etc.
  •   Pre-Formatted Paragraphs, Discussions And Statements
  •   Code Express ICD-9 & CPT Search Built-In Function For Accurate Coding
  •   Built-In Injury Listing For Quick Workup Of Injuries
  •   Built-In Duties Under Duress and Loss Of Enjoyment Checklists
  •   Built-In Medical Expense Summation
  •   Built-In Mileage Calculator
  •   Built-In Liability Checklist
  •   Free Client Worksheets To Match Insurance Industry Software
  •   Automatically Tracks Last Time Claim Was Worked And By Who
  •   Free Upgrades
  •   Free Training
  •   Free Tech Support
  •   Free Networking Support
  •   Free Review And Re-Write Of Demands
  •   Pre-Formatted Response Letters To Low Offers, Reductions, Denials, IME’s And Reviews
  •   Free Individual Client Claim Consultation
  •   Built In Analysis Of Missing Information And Listing Of Overlooked Drivers
  •   Built-In Dictionary
  •   Built-In Library And Storage For Legal/Medical Discussions